Eric graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College with a degree in Economics and Government. His interest in photography began when his mother and father gave him an old Brownie film camera. He was constantly taking pictures of everything. After spending twenty plus years in the insurance business he moved on to marketing for a video production company, as this was the closest to his passion for photography. After the company folded Eric pursued his lifetime passion and began photographing gymnastics meets for a local gym where he coached. He is now considered a freelance photographer and he has expanded his capabilities to include weddings, events, portraits, commercial and fashion photography. He lives in Westfield Massachusetts with his wife Stephanie and has three girls Amanda, Brittany and Courtney. Eric enjoys vacationing at the Oster cottage on Long Island, which was his wife’s grandmothers summer cottage.

The camera lens captures human emotion in an instant and life stands still for generations to enjoy. Eric sees photography as a way to capture the gift of life, a way to sustain the present for generations. Every event presents the drama of human emotion. Eric's job is to express it in every image for everyone to enjoy. Eric enters into the heart and soul of every couple or person telling their unique story.He will not stop until all the elements of the story are captured.

Eric has a unique blend of talent and creativity. The camera is his tool and the world is his subject. Owning a camera doesn't make one a photographer, much like owning a hammer doesn't make one a carpenter. The difference between a guy or gal with camera (GWC) and a photographer: artistic eye, skill, focus and professionalism.

Let his passion capture your next event. Eric's number one goal is to make the ordinary picture into an extraordinary work of art! His career is about capturing today's moments and tomorrow's memories!

Capturing Today's Moments.......Tomorrow's Memories

Specializing in: Weddings, Portraits, and Event Photography